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Posted 2 months ago

As a member of the engineering department, your focus will be on developing and executing exploratory and automated tests to ensure product quality.


1. Implement and maintain CI/CD pipelines for .NET applications using tools like Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Azure VPN or similar.

2. Automate build, deployment, and testing processes to streamline the software delivery lifecycle.
Infrastructure as Code (IaC) like Terraform
3. Manage infrastructure configurations on EC2 instances , s3 bucket policies , cloudfront distribution
4. Implement and maintain IaC practices to automate infrastructure provisioning for .NET applications.
5. Set up performance and heath checks based on certain threshold and metric
6. Should be able to set up budgets, threshold alerts on AWS and Azure
7. Understanding of basic security measures in Azure
basic understanding of how deployment is done on .NET
8. Must have deployed projects either front or Backend
9. Basic Understanding of .NET syntax
10. Understanding of version control systems, preferably Git.
11. Basic docker understanding
Collaboration and Communication:
A. Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including developers, and QA engineers to ensure seamless deployment
B. Communicate effectively, providing insights into DevOps best practices and contributing to a culture of continuous improvement.
C. Must be able to observe best evaluate Cost and reliability measures for different services ( cost effective , yet highly proficient
D. Must be able to report to senior devOps engineer should there be any clarity regarding deplyment approach
E. Must be able to stick to Industry standards
F. Familiarity with change management ( transitioning from dev to staging to prod )

Remuneration and Benefits

1. Salary Range: 200 -250k
2. Access to Training & Development Resources
3. Work-Life Balance

Job Features

Job Category

Engineering, Software Developer

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